29-in-1 Survival Grenade

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This 29 in 1 survival kit has pretty much every survival tool you could possibly need when hitting the great outdoors. Neatly wrapped in parachute cord, this survival grenade is the one thing you would want to have if you ever found yourself in a sticky situation. From a multi too to a wire saw, there's a tool for every situation in this kit.

  • Comes in 3 colors: Green, Black & Camo
  • 29 tools in 1:
  • 1x a disinfection blade
  • 1x sewing needle
  • 1x the fire package
  • 1x aluminum foil
  • 2x of alcohol cotton
  • 2x band-Aids
  • 2x Fish Hooks
  • 2x Lead weights
  • 2x connectors
  • 2x Floats
  • 5m of fishing line
  • 1x Emergency Whistle
  • 1x multi-function tool card
  • 1x mini flashlight (w/o batteries)
  • 1x Wire Saw
  • 2x buckle needles
  • 2x paper clip
  • Note: All of these tools are installed in a waterproof bag

Grab one of these kits while they last because they are going fast! Never take another trip outdoors without one of these on hand.

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